Shepherd's Selects Meal Plans Plus (2018)

Shepherd's Selects Meal Plans Plus (2018)

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Our Shepherd Selects contains all our premier meal kits, made from some of the best ingredients we have to offer. Through our access to the locally sourced produce, we are able to offer the best of the best in fresh vegetables that we are able incorporate into each and every meal kit. Our Shepherd's Selects is simply the best of the best!

Not only do we take out all the guess work of finding recipes for yourself or your family to enjoy, every meal arrives with an easy to read recipe card and all the ingredients needed to make the meal. Each  and every ingredient is pre-portioned minimizing preparation  time.

Is Shepherd's Selects right for me? Yes, if you are:

  • Someone looking to get introduced to eating Healthier for themselves, a spouse, or  family.
  • Enjoy cooking and would like to expand your cooking repartee
  • A busy professional or family looking to reduce amount of time they spend in the kitchen or grocery store. 
  • Require a restricted menu due to dietary or medical needs. 
  • Anyone looking to eat better, feel better, while enjoying rich, satisfying meals.

What is a Serving? Which one is right for me?

A serving is generally a amount of food that allows someone to finish their meal feeling satiated (not too full, not still hungry), and is based on a average caloric amount (around 600 k/cal). Everyone is different, and being able to accommodate everyone is tough, so don't be afraid to order a extra serving if you're not fulfilled. The following is what previous meal plan customers have found to fit best for them:

  • 2 Serving Meal Plans generally work best for people who are Singles, Couples, or Retirees. 
  • 4 Serving Meal Plans generally work best for Small Families, Large Appetites, and people looking for lots of leftovers!
  • 6 Serving Meal Plans generally work best for Large Families, Impressing Visiting Relatives, and Dinner Parties.
  • More.... Looking to cook for more then 6 people? Try our catering service!

How many days should I order for?

  • 3 Day Meals are great for supplementing grocery shopping and are great for people looking to cover busy days early in the week (Monday Delivery) -OR- the treat of home cooked meal for later in the week (Wednesday Delivery).
  • 5 Day Meals are great for replacing weekly grocery shopping and covering the entire weeks of supper meals. (Monday Delivery Only). 



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